Telfer Helps Battle Corruption

After 30 years working overseas assignments in emerging markets, Marvin Hough has learned a thing or two about spotting corruption in international markets. 

Now, as executive-in-residence and academic director at the University of Ottawa’s Telfer School of Management, he is part of a team offering a one-day seminar on anti-corruption tactics. The seminar, which takes place Feb. 25, is meant to help prepare executives and trade facilitators to do business abroad.

Business leaders need to know Canadian laws and policies around corruption and what kind of anti-corruption compliance program they need to best protect their companies, he says.“There are a good portion of medium-sized companies without the understanding they should have, both of the Canadian law, which has changed to some degree over the last couple of years, and the compliance program they should have in place,” says Mr. Hough.

In some countries there are ongoing struggles with corruption because it’s built into the cultural relationship aspect of doing business, he adds.

“What we’re trying to convey is Canadian companies need to know Canadian law,” he says. “They need to know the red flags that are out there and then have an internal anti-corruption compliance program that catches the main things that could happen to them.”

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